How to install our Joomla templates piece by piece

How to install our Joomla templates piece by piece

You may be aware of our installation method 2 from the documentation where we provided all the details needed for you to have the template looking like in the demo, but sometimes the users encounter issues following these steps, mainly because they don’t see the changes happening after they take certain steps. Please be aware that in order to get your website looking like in the demo you need to follow all the steps, just installing the template and sp page builder component will not be enough, you have to do the importing also.

I will not go again through all the steps because you have them in the link above, I will just be providing a video installing our Kidso template piece by piece following the documentation method 2 steps and the faq.

I hope this answered all your unclarities about installation method 2.

Stay tuned!

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