Setting up the Page Title and Breadcrumbs

Joomla Template Tutorial: Setting up the Page Title and Breadcrumbs

Another question we encounter often is how to get the page title and the breadcrumbs looking like in the demo. You may have noticed that the non-home pages of our demos usually have at the top a title and the link path to the page along side a background image.

In this article I will explaing how to insert the Page Title using the Joomla menu and the Breadcrumbs module.

First – the page title – you need to create the menu item you want it displayed on. Here you go to the Page Title tab and you can fill the title and/or subtitle fields as well as select the background color (this may be overridden in the custom.css file sometimes) or image for the title section.

Second – the breadcrumbs – you need to go to modules, create a new module, select Breadcrumbs from the list of available modules and set the module the way you want (we recommend you enable it for all the pages, except the home one). After you do all this make sure you select the module to be displayed in the breadcrumb position.

That is all.

We know a picture is worth a thousand words, so we also made a video showing you how to work with the top banner of your Joomla website:

We hope we have been clear enough and you find it easy to understand.

Stay tuned!

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