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31 Aug

Editing a template’s childs

I change a template’s settings, but the changes are not visible.

An often request we have is regarding the issue of changes do not take effect when a client modifies the details in the Helix 3 or Helix Ultimate settings.

This always happens because if a template has childs, a child template is probably in use for the respective Joomla menu item. For example:

Lets say we have a multipurpose Joomla theme with many pages for different businesses (Agency, Creative, Gym, Portfolio etc.), named Windstripe – Default. If we need different Helix layouts, we create template childs. Of course, we give them relevant names: Windstripe – Agency, Windstripe – Creative, Windstripe – Gym and Windstripe – Portfolio.

Now we set the Windstripe Default as the default theme for the whole website (for the blog pages, shop pages and other components as well as for everything else).

We apply the childs only for the pages needed by going to the Joomla menu manager – select the menu item we want to apply the template child to and at the first tab (the details tab) we select the child we want at the Template Style, replacing the – Use Default -.

I tried explaining as much as I could, but a video example is the best way to understand how it works. You can check the video of this post to see how to apply a child template for your Joomla website. Also you can learn how our templates work and in which template to edit the settings. Besides that, we always recommend installing our quickstart package and see exactly how our themes work.

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  1. kevinur

    31 August 2018


    Greetings! Nice post, it helped me figure out why I couldn’t change my footer details. I use Helix 3 and I have a onepage template that uses 2 template styles, a default one and a transparent header one. If I change the footer content in the default template I get the change in the blog pages but I don’t see any change in my home page which has a transparent header. Thanks to your post, I changed the footer content in the transparent header style too and it worked. Thanks!

    • Windstripe Themes

      31 August 2018


      Hi! Glad I could help out. Good luck with your project!

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