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Ziptech - IT Solutions Technology Joomla Template

Ziptech – IT Solutions Technology Joomla Template

Date: 23 March 2023
Client: Themeforest Market
Project Type: Joomla Template
Ziptech is a customizable and trendy Joomla 4 template designed for businesses and corporations. With 4+ home page variations and multiple pages, Ziptech is a fast and fully responsive template that can fit all popular browsers and devices. You can easily customize any section to your liking. We’ve carefully tested every page of Ziptech to ensure it’s 100% error-free. Whether you’re in IT solutions, technology, software, IT services, agency, consulting, startup, shipping, technology company, network solutions, or other categories, Ziptech is perfect for you. Ziptech comes with a well-documented file structure, 24/7 professional support, and is fully compatible with Helix Ultimate. VIEW TEMPLATE