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About Refunding

In this article I am going to tackle a delicate topic which I encounter often enough, refund. I am going to try and explain certain situations where we might give or reject a refund.

I have bought the theme by mistake. I did not download it. Can I get a refund?

In this cases we can give you a refund without any problems since the theme has not been downloaded.

What if I downloaded it?

In this case we might reject your refund request since we can't know for sure if you are going to use it or not. Keep this in mind and be very careful when you choose to buy any theme.

But I can't install it on my server/I have no use for it.

Even so, if you have a server problem, I'm afraid you are responsible for it, again, we cannot know if you are going to use it on another server/project in the future.

I installed it, but it does not work as I expected/my plugin or component does not work with it.

Again, I'm afraid it is your fault and we cannot guarantee total compatibility with every joomla plugin. If you are not sure about something, we are always available for your inqueries and we can confirm or infirm if our theme will work the way you want. So please, before you buy, ask us anything you want to know.


You must keep in mind that buying a theme is not the same as buying a phone or a piece of clothing. In those situations, you can return the phone, the seller can check it and if everything is allright, you can have your money back.

But when it comes to themes, if you change your mind, we cannot know if you will use it or its premium components in the future since you can't return it like you would with a physical element. So please be careful when you buy any theme.

Once you download it, we can only refund if the theme was not downloaded, does not work like in our demo or it is faulty because of us. In all other cases we will reject your requests, but keep in mind that we will do anything we can to help you work with our themes the best you can.


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