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Contact us regarding any information you may need and we will reply as soon as possible. We will try to answer all your questions.

    How to import a page in Page Builder?

    Go to SP Page Builder – Add new page – Choose Import (top-left of the page) – Choose your page from our Import folder and save.

    My imported page does not look like in your demo. There are no images.

    Before importing pages, copy the images folder from our quickinstall folder in your images folder from your Joomla site.

    How to import theme style?

    Go to Extensions – Templates – Style – Hit Duplicate theme – Open new style created – go to Advanced – scroll down to Settings Import/Export – in box shown, add code from file theme style that you want to import anf hit Import Settings and save – don’t forget to add name on style and save again.

    I imported a page, but some rows have missing content.

    The rows that don’t show up are the rows with joomla modules in them. You need to check the modules in our quickinstall and make the modules similar to ours.

    I can't update some components/modules. Also I have a notification in Sp Page Builder that says please activate.

    We do not own license keys for premium components, if you wish to have a license key, then you must buy the keys from the respective companies. We have only one license from the respective companies that allow us to distribute their components/modules for free with the template pack. But don’t worry, as soon as an important update comes up, we will update our theme immediately. If you do not want to wait for an official update of the template, please email us your website link and purchase code and we will send it to you immediately, but you will do this at your own risk because this means we have not tested the new version of the component yet. Also keep in mind that the notification to activate PAGE BUILDER does NOT affect the component, you can still enjoy all it’s premium features. Same thing goes for the rest of the premium components.

    Do I need to make a backup before updating?

    Yes, everytime you update a component/module, make a full backup. Also, we recommend you make regular backups on your website.

    Can I import the menu/modules from your theme?

    Unfortunately, no. If you choosed method 2, installing the template alone, you will need to recreate the menu items and modules we have on the demo. But don’t worry, just install our quickinstall package on a subdomain and you can check and recreate them from there in no time.

    I insert the logo on the template settings, but it does not show up.

    If the theme is using 2 logos (one for the transparent header and one for the sticky header), it is impossible to achieve this using only the helix logo position. Instead, we inserted the logos as the background for the link in the logo position. You can check the link with the browser’s developer tools and replace the logo images with your own. Or, if you have one logo, you can remove these settings in the custom.css file and after insert it normally in the helix template. We are sorry if this is a bit complicated, but at that time we thought it was an easier way to achieve 2 logos in the same position.

    I edit the footer content in the template settings, but nothing happens

    In the template you can only insert text in the footer and sometimes we need to insert links and images too. So we create a module and assign it to footer1 position. Just go to Extensions – Modules and you can find and edit there the footer content.

    Is there any place where I can check about theme support while I wait for your answer?

    Usually we reply immediately when you contact us at [email protected], there are rare situations when we reply after a couple of hours, but 100% sure we will reply within 24 hours.

    Can you help me build my website?

    We can offer our full support regarding the theme and it’s usefulness or it’s eventual problems. But we are not allowed to offer free customization/installation of our themes, nor can we offer tutorials for Joomla.

    Can I use a theme for multiple projects?

    You can use our theme for only one domain. If you need to use it for other domains, you need to purchase additional licenses (buy the theme again).

    Am I required to buy license for premium components like Layer Slider or Sp Page Builder?

    No, you are not. They will be available free for you to use in every update pack of our theme.

    Do I need to have serious knowledge of Joomla or the components you are using in your themes?

    No, you do not need that. If our theme is exactly what you need, then all you need to do is install our theme using the Method 1 (quickinstall) and start adding your own content. Simple as that.

    I change the setup in the template settings, but nothing happens. Why?

    No, you do not need that. If our theme is exactly what you need, then all you need to do is install our theme using the Method 1 (quickinstall) and start adding your own content. Simple as that.

    My administrator page is blank after I update Joomla

    Having a theme with an older version of Sp Page Builder Pro may give you an error resulting in a blank administrator page when you update Joomla to the latest version.

    If you are in this situation, you can reinstall our quickstart pack and update Sp Page Builder Pro before you update Joomla. If you do not want to reinstall, please check the solution available here:

    I change the preset styles in the template but nothing changes. Why?

    Helix framework, wheter it’s helix3 or helix ultimate do not work like a style changer when it comes to the presets. They do not change a specific color everywhere, but only in some places, this is because the template uses components that bring to the table their own colors, like Sp Page Builder or Layer Slider. For example, if you want to change a color in a Sp Page Builder text block addon, it can’t be done by presets. That’s why we use custom css (custom.css and addon’s custom css) most of the time to insert colors. We try to make everything dependable on presets too, but we can’t achieve this everytime.

    I get an error when I try to create a new menu item on Helix 3

    On recent Joomla versions you might get an error when you try to create a new menu item on the Helix 3 framework.

    To solve this, please update the helix3 plugins. You will find a notification on your Joomla administrator dashboard regarding the plugins update. Or you can download them from the Joomshaper website: